How many Z-Wave devices?




65 Z-Wave devices. 32 Zigbee. 5 ESP8266s. 6 LIFX bulbs. A Nest. And a partridge in a pear tree.


What frequency is this using?

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12 days-o-hertz?

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Thinking you should set that bird up as a presence device to see if it ever leaves the tree and changes to “not present”.


You need a medal.

I can no longer get a clean repair. In fact, ST themselves have even said that the repair facility is no good once you get over a certain number of devices.

Very good. I would call you lucky. I cannot get anything close to a clean repair anymore. My system has North of 100 Z-Wave devices. Repair takes 2-3 hours.

Even when you run it directly in IDE?

They are not alone.

Yes. I normally run the repair overnight. In the daytime I will leave the Z-Wave messages log in one browser tab and the hub event log in another so I can keep watch.

Craziness. I wonder at what point when you reach that magic number of devices that it goes from a 10 minute repair to hours.

I’ve never done a repair. What triggers the desire to do so? Do things stop communicating?

The theory is you do one after you have paired a new Z-Wave device so the mesh can be optimized.

The problem is the utility itself is not reliable.

Something is wrong. Took around an hour for me or timeout. I have 100+ z-wave devices but probably only around 30 have repeaters. I can’t imagine 2+ of waiting. That’s nuts :crazy_face:

That is an excellent question. I may have passed that point during the migration from Lowe’s Iris.

You would think, but it’s apparently not that unusual. A couple weeks ago I took the plunge and rebuilt my entire Z-Wave network from the ground up. This included removing and resetting every, then starting over as if the system was new. Rebuild times remain unchanged after spending an entire weekend on that futile exercise.

Now, that said I have what some might call an extreme environment. I own a 3 story duplex that also has a full basement. That is 4 floors total each with devices plus a detached garage with devices too. All added up, that’s over 5k square feet of coverage for the Zigbee and Z-Wave meshes to cover!

Are you doing a lot of endpoint associations? I don’t know if that would simplify or complicate, or make any difference.

I am using Group 1 (lifeline) for the repeaters. That doesn’t effect routing however. SmartThings does not expose any networking functions so I’m unfortunatley limited by the system. A network map would be very useful. Even Lowe’s Iris customers can get access to one through a third party website.

Smartthings doesn’t provide any utilities, unfortunately, but you can add a secondary controller and use its zwave utilities. Most commonly this would be an Aeon zstick on a laptop. See the following FAQ: