PEQ Motion sensor battery status


Hi guys,

Does anyone else have issues with the PEQ motion sensor not reporting battery status correctly? All 5 of mine are reporting 100% after two month of use.



(John S) #2

I have several motions sensors, some Z-Wave, some Zigbee. Some have been running for going on a year and a half - those are down to 25%. Everything else is between 1-4 months running, and all those show 100% battery. Typical non-rechargable batteries show voltage curves that are really flat all the way out until they hit “mostly dead” - so any battery sensor is going to show “full” for quite a while:

Bottom line - once it shows less than 50%, have the replacement batteries on hand. When it drops under 25% it will run out of gas in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy.


Thanks John for the reassuring info… I am glad ST has you guys in the community…