PEQ contact sensor, is battery really that good

I bought a few BB PEQ contact sensors about 6 months ago. They are still showing 100% and under the “recently” tab on the sensor it never shows where it polls the battery.
In the IDE under “My Devices”, the sensor and “Battery” it does show where it polls, all at 100%. Is the battery on these really that good? If so then thats great but I just wanted to make sure it was reporting correctly.
I also bought a few motion sensors at the same time and those show the poll in the app and are down to 66%, which is still fine, but I just dont know why the contact sensors dont show the poll.


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Just looked at all my PEQ water, contacts and motion - over 20 devices - all reporting 100% as well.

Unfortunately I think you might be on to something

Weird thing is my Motion sensor seems to be reporting correctly. Either way I have gotten 6 months so far out of this battery(s). I have a mixture of PEQ and Quirky contacts sensors. Since the Quirky’s battery life is horrible I was debating on selling them and replacing them with either PEQ (if I can get them) or the new Iris sensors.