PEQ not updating

Anyone having issues with there PEQ motion sensor? Mne will not update the battery or temp update, it does not have any issues with the motion sensor.

I can removes / add and it will work for awhile but then stop ready…

most of the SmartSense sensors, only update at 11% battery intervals, or 1F/hour intervals. If the change does not exceed that then you will not be updated. I believe the PEQ are similar.

You are PROBABLY seeing normal behaviour, so you need look no deeper.

I wouldn’t call this normal since his temp is also not updating. Are you using the right device type? I am using smartsense motion/temp device type. Also maybe unplug your hub for about 15 mins for zigbee repair to see if that will help.

thanks guys,
@ero4444 The sensor is about 6-8months old and battery still reads 100% and it sees motion almost all day long. Last night I stuck it in front of my fireplace (w/fire going) and the temp never changed.

@Ray I will have to try that when I get home.