PC Notifications?

(Paul James) #1

Is there an app or some way to get popup notifications on a Windows PC. I have Action Tiles but that requires the page to be up and running. I would just like to be working on my computer and then see a popup in the notification tray when an event occurs.

(Rudi Prunzel) #2

You can install Microsoft Cortana on your Phone (Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile) and setup “Cross device - App notifications sync” and then select the SmartThings App to sync notifications :slight_smile:

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Search :mag: for “EventGhost” on the Forum.

It is one of the easier ways to have SmartThings send Events to your PC (and back!), and that could include notifications. The software is a little outdated, but runs on Windows 10.

(Gene Clark) #4

Is there anyway you can point me in the right direction in the community where I can find the posts you’re talking about? I’m seeing a ton of stuff about EventGhost on here and not sure which is the right stuff. Any help would be appreciated.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5


You’re ability to search is as good as mine. There really aren’t that many Posts / Topics on Event Ghost.

Try the advance search options, or just take your time and do a lot of skimming and reading, please. Everything you read will help you to understand EventGhost better which, in turn, will ensure it can fulfill your needs.


But; c’mon… this only took 1 second: