PC Notifications?

Is there an app or some way to get popup notifications on a Windows PC. I have Action Tiles but that requires the page to be up and running. I would just like to be working on my computer and then see a popup in the notification tray when an event occurs.

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You can install Microsoft Cortana on your Phone (Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile) and setup “Cross device - App notifications sync” and then select the SmartThings App to sync notifications :slight_smile:


Search :mag: for “EventGhost” on the Forum.

It is one of the easier ways to have SmartThings send Events to your PC (and back!), and that could include notifications. The software is a little outdated, but runs on Windows 10.

Is there anyway you can point me in the right direction in the community where I can find the posts you’re talking about? I’m seeing a ton of stuff about EventGhost on here and not sure which is the right stuff. Any help would be appreciated.


You’re ability to search is as good as mine. There really aren’t that many Posts / Topics on Event Ghost.

Try the advance search options, or just take your time and do a lot of skimming and reading, please. Everything you read will help you to understand EventGhost better which, in turn, will ensure it can fulfill your needs.


But; c’mon… this only took 1 second: