Paulmann Zigbee remote control "Gent"

Anybody familiar with the Paulmann remote control for controlling the lights?

Bright + dim + on/off buttons on top.

A RGB wheel (touch control) and a Coolwhite/Warmwhite slider.

4 pushbuttons for scenes or groups?

Added to SmartThings without a problem, but what DTH to use?


  • application: 01
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: Paulmann Licht GmbH
  • model: RemoteControl

Raw Description 01 0104 0810 01 08 0000 0004 0003 0006 0008 0005 0300 1000 09 0000 0004 0003 0006 0008 0005 0300 1000 0019

Current States No states found

No Events, nothing in the log when testing.

Aren’t those zigbee 3.0 devices? If so, I’m pretty sure they won’t work until the hubs have added zigbee 3.0 support, which they don’t have yet.

But since you did get it to pair with the hub, you should be able to now pair it individually To any ZLL or zigbee 3.0 bulbs that you have as a parallel means of control, like what people used to do with the Lutron connected bulb remote. But I don’t think smart things is going to accept commands from it yet.

Hi @JDRoberts,

You are right about the Zigbee 3.0.

Strange that I could pair it with the SmartThings hub, but don’t see any action. Isn’t it backwards compatible?

Any idea how I can pair it with a Hue color bulb (E14 candle🕯) that is already connected to the SmartThings hub in “parallel” ?

Grtn Ben

The Z wave alliance standard requires backwards compatibility, but zigbee never has. So, no, there is no requirement that an older zigbee hub be able to support a zigbee 3.0 device.

You have the Hue bulb connected directly to the smartthings hub, you’re not using a hue bridge?


And here is the YouTube solution!

In a few seconds the lamp paired with the Paulmann remote control!

Only the feedback between Hue bulb and SmartThings hub isn’t synchrone anymore, when I switch it off with the Paulmann, it is still ON in the App.

Time to try the Gledopto RGB-CCT controller to pair. :sunglasses:
Yes, it does.

Tnx for the hint of pairing directly.

Grtn Ben

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