Smartthings V2 Hub and Paulmann Leds works?

Hello I live in Germany and have a Smartthings Hub v2 UK version.
I would like to connect Paulmann LEDs( These are ZigBee 3.0 capable.

I get the Leds not connected. In the SmartThings app, the Led is indicated to me as “Thing” and behind it Please Wait.

This is the used ZigBee Controller:

You need to find a device handler for the lights. Given that they are Zigbee 3.0, you might be able to use one of the built-in Zigbee Light device handlers.

You’ll need to do this in the IDE:

  1. Log into the IDE at
  2. Go to My Devices.
  3. In the list, you should see the lights that you just added. Click on the name of the device to access its properties.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Edit”.
  5. Given that they seem to only be tuneable white, I’d start with the “Zigbee White Color Temperature RGBW Bulb” device type.
  6. Click on “Update”.

Now, in your mobile app, log out and log back in (you might be able to do a simple refresh in the “My Home” tab, but a log in/log out refreshes better imho).

Test the light and see if it works. If it doesn’t, try the “ZLL White Color Temperature RGBW Bulb” device type. That should at least get you basic control of the lights. If all else fails, you can try to work with one of the awesome devs we have here in the community to hammer out a custom device type handler.

EDIT: Just saw where you posted the controller type.

Thanks a lot.It works

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Another Question with these lamps,
how can I now adjust so the light and at the same time dimmed to 40% and the light color is warm white when i started.

I dont find this funktions in Automation.

Edit:I have found it. Unbelievable what with the hub everything is possible one must only know where one must look;-)

How did you do it?

And how is the light itself? I noticed that Bauhaus is selling these bulbs. I am curious how good they are compared to other bulbs when it comes to colors.