Password for lights

Is there way to set a group of lights to turn on or off with a pass code or password. I have a little one that is turning on lights thru alexa commands

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There’s not one in her room, she has multiple behavior issues and keeps messing with the lights and keeping her sister up

Can you provide more details on how she is controlling the lights?

Right now I just have regular light bulbs, and she flipping the switch. The plan is to install phillips hue bulbs and try to password protect that group of lights

But the Hue power can still be cut from the switch, you’d have to wire around the switch and not give her access to Hue account for your plan to work

Any way of doing this with just a alexa command with a passcode?

tagging @JDRoberts for his insight

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There won’t be any way to do this that prevents the lights from being controlled from the wall switch, and the pin code options with Alexa will only work once, as soon as she hears someone else say it she’ll know what it is.

Instead, I would do physical management at the switch itself. There are lots of child locks available online, some for only a couple of dollars.

You can combine these with an Alexa routine that triggers from a specific phrase and put time controls on that or disable it manually or as @jkp mentioned, use one of the “parental control“ echo devices and prevent that specific echo device from controlling those lights. Give the lights themselves some really complex name that the child is unlikely to learn, zgf498 , or something.

A lot comes down to the details. if the two kids have different rooms, you could certainly put a parental control echo device in the room of the kid who is acting out and an unlocked device in the room of the other child and that way the first child couldn’t turn off the lights from her room because her echo would not accept those commands. But there wouldn’t be anything to stop her from going in the kitchen or the living room and turning them off from there, so you have to think about how you want to do this.

If the two kids share a room and it’s the lights in that room that are being turned on and off, then that’s pretty much what child locks were invented for. :wink: they work fine for many families. There are many variations of these, including some with keys, so you should certainly be able to find one that will work short of her taking a hammer to it.

You can even combine five methods, using a smart switch, a physical childlock over that smart switch, Alexa parental control device, Alexa routines, And smartthings automations, Again depending on the details of what you want to accomplish.

But I think some part of the solution is going to have to be a child lock on the physical switch.

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