Newbie needing help with particle photon blinds

Hey Guys, I’m trying to add at Photon-Servo and ST to make remote blinds. I have read many post here and tried like they said with no luck. I think part of it is where it says add device handler or smart app, i open github and there are a few different sets of code but none say they are for Blinds. Then to add the device ID and token. But i cant add them…Im lost!
Is there a dumbed down version somewhere…lol? Just trying to open/close the blinds with St and Alexa.

Thanks Terry

Sorry for the misunderstanding. its not the code its which one to use. Same as you, I searched for post. found what i liked. would would click on the code link in the post and then it will show every code the builder had done. None of them were related to Blinds. That’s the problem I’m having.

Thanks Rodin, I have done the search. And I agree with what you said. Let me see if I can say it another way. Lets say you need a 3/8 bolt. I point you to a door. You open the door to find a room full of boxes. None of them have a label of “Bolt”. So you start opening boxes looking for the bolt to only find more boxes that are not labeled “Bolt”. Thats what I’m running into,I’m not a coder or engineer so this is just a bit confusing. Like the Device ID and Token. I know where they are in Photon. Im not clear on placing them, Device Handler or Smart App. I have looked into both with no luck. And not just for 15-20 nimutes. I have been trying to get this thing working for a week.I have worked with the Arduino on a few projects with no problem. Its the addition of the web interface along with the title of the code.

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It can definitely get confusing! You’ll get your quickest response by posting your question in the thread where you found the link to the code. That’s where people will be able to help you specifically with that “box.” :sunglasses:

Also, if I understand what you’re asking, try asking the folks in the following thread. I think they’ll be able to help you.

The device options in the US and the UK are very different for this particular use case, so I suggest you stick with the US threads.