Parrot Flower Power

Has anyone here tried building a device type for the Flower Power? It only communicates via BLE, so it means building a bridge via Raspberry Pi to populate it’s cloud data. The DTH in SmartThings would then pull that data back from the cloud.

If anyone is willing to share what they have done that would be great, otherwise I will have a go at building this.

It has Soil Moisture sensor, Illuminance, Temperature, Fertiliser level (?)

I plan to integrate this with irrigation controls via ST.

I don’t think anyone has really done anything with BLE other than iBeacons because the BT radio on the hub is still disabled.

That being said you have a great idea with the new RPi3B coming with BLE built in it could act as a bridge for now until they do enable it on the hub.

IFTTT supports the Parrot Flower Power and that can be cloud-connected to your irrigation controls from ST.


I’m not holding my breath for BLE on the Hub, but it’s physical presence means that it’s likely to be here sooner than I’m willing to build bridges around except for really high value devices…


Parrott has a fairly detailed walkthrough on their dev site, so I am hoping this RaspPi build might not be too challenging. Waiting for the Pi3 to be delivered now!

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