[OBSOLETE] Arduino-Raspberry-Smartthings Irrigation/Relay controller

I am a long time programmer by profession but don’t do much of it anymore other than some tinkering here and there.

Decided I wanted to figure out how to use Smartthing to schedule and water my 5 raised bed vegetable garden with out

So I decide to go with Raspberry talking to Arduino over RF24 . this keep the watering project independent of SmartThings in case I want to move to another HA device down the the road.

It will give me the flexibility to add other Arduino to control HA projects.

You can view the source code for the project here. It ain’t pretty but so far so good. I still have a lot to do and learn to get it working hopefully by the heat of summer.


I am hoping to start a conversation about different ways to do various thing both in Smartthings and Raspberry and Arduino.


Is the arduino running batteries? If not you might consider using a $9 ESP8266 (has wifi and runs arduino) as simple web server and you wouldn’t need the pi (use it for something else :slight_smile: ). I haven’t gotten my arduinos running in SmartThings yet, there are some SmartThings examples here and here