Paradox Alarms via IP module

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Just curious if there are many in the community with existing Paradox Alarm systems with either the IP100 or IP150 modules?

I’ve finally managed to control the system from my own code. It’s not ideal as it requires a headless browser (phantomJS) but it does work. I can fetch the zone and device information, set alarm status (arm, stay, instance, force, disarm). I can poll for current status as well.

So, this means it is possible via a local webservice to possibly talk to ST with the alarm information. Would love some help with ideas to best do this or even if someone is able to help with the design and coding. My time is limited, but I really want to get this working.

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Well, if there is interest, I have a working beta for anyone using a Paradox Home alarm with an IP150 module. It’s a simple windows service that runs a self hosted restful service. I have a ST app that connects to the service (handles the oauth automatically) and provides the list of open/close sensors as well as motion that you can add to your system via the app. You don’t have to go manually adding each device. You only have to add the device types manually.

There’s still things to work out, but so far so good.

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Well, got some more improvements and enhancements working. First, you can find my repo on github.

I’ve not added alarm panel control. Each partition gets a device that can be controlled individually. (Arming/disarming etc).
Still need to add a wiki with more information, but until then, if someone else decides to give it a try I can help you out. Just let me know.

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Some screenshots can be found here


Hi, where is the new repo? I’d really like to be able to setup this. Tks

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I am no longer maintaining the ST side of this project. There is a branch created with the ST code, but the main branch has it removed. I’ve long given up on ST.

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The project will continue ?. As can be configured with existing code using ST. Excuse my bad English