Par30/Par40 LED Dimmable Dumb Bulb Recommendations?

I have a couple of rooms that still have incandescent Par30 and Par40 bulbs. I suspect these are about to need replacement. I’d like to get LED bulbs to replace these and since I have Z-Wave dimmer switches, I don’t want smart bulbs. They need to be dimmable and I’d prefer a warmer white. Also the more light output the better. Any recommendations?

I like FEIT, they have several dimmable models. Costco often has them at a discount.

This one is 750 lumens for 10.5 w , which is pretty good.

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I second this recommendation. I use them extensively in my house.

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I bought some with a warm color temperature. So far, I like them a lot. Thanks.

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Okay, I bought eight of the FEIT BR40 bulbs in soft white. I really like the light output and color temperature. These are labelled as dimmable and this is the one con for these bulbs. They will dim some and then suddenly drop to off.

Pretty common with many LED bulbs, especially if only one or two on a circuit. Varies depending on the dimmer used too.