Pairing Multiple Xiaomi Buttons

I used the catchall method to pair one of my Round Xiaomi buttons, it worked great, but when I tried to pair another round button, the old one showed up on the ‘add a thing’ screen and no catchall event was listed. Also, both buttons do the same action. The second button just adobted the action of the first button with out me setting it up. Is it possible that the two buttons have the exact same identifying info? Any way around this?


I solved my own issue, it seems that i needed to click the ‘all’ filter on mobile in the events list. This allowed me to find the right ID and get it set up

i am doing the same with catchall method, however it seems the button is issuing different IDs and i have to constantly change the ID ?

or when i press link again on the button to fix it, it changes the ID… either way it stops working after a while