Aqara Button with Xiaomi handlers only "checking in"

(Chris) #1

I finally got one of the older square Aqara buttons to pair with my ST hub (have two of the newer circle models work great), however now when I press the button it only registers as a check in and not a button push. I am using the Xiaomi button handler. Anyone have any insight into why this might be happening? It says battery is 0% even though it’s not. not sure of that has something to do with it.

(Brian Spranger) #2

Use these DHs.

(Chris) #3

These are the handlers I am currently using.

(Keith G) #4

What is the model number of the button, listed on the back?

If it’s WXKG12LM then that’s a new model which has more functions in SmartThings than the original Aqara button model.

I have two of that model, and I have been working on an updated device handler, which is almost ready to release publicly.

You can grab the pre-release version here.

EDIT: I have released the updated Aqara button device handler on the bspranger/Xiaomi GitHub repository. It’s compatible with Aqara button models WXKG11LM & WXKG12LM, and also Aqara Smart Light Switch models WXKG02LM & WXKG03LM.

Please see this post for more information and the download link.