How to get catchall data (device id) with new app?

I’m transitioned to the new app and most stuff is working ok.

But I do have one thing I don’t know how to do now and can’t find anything searching.

If I want to add a zigbee device like a xiaomi contact or temp sensor, I used to hit add device then look for the device id in the catchall of the event log on the IDE. But now the IDE does not show any info and says “ Important Notice: Refer to the new SmartThings app for your full event history.” I look in the event history in the new app and there is no catch all data. Does anyone know how to see this data?

Furthermore, when I did try to add the xiaomi device by hitting scan in the new app it did not appear to pair properly (at all). But when I did through the classic app as usual it found and paired immediately (as evidenced by the blinking lights on the temp sensor).

Does anyone know how to find device id now? And/or know how to properly pair a device like this using the new app?

Thanks! I have no idea how I missed that. I’ve done it a hundred times and this time seemed different. Hubs -> events was what I was looking for.

hey, in the same situation. trying to ad a new xiami motion sensor with the new smartthings app. where’s the “add things” button? just gives a list of brands to choose from. xiaomi is not in the list. crazy, old app was much easier to use

You can use the ‘Scan nearby’ button, though I often go to the ‘Z-Wave’ “brand” and choose ‘Generic Z-Wave Device’.

I know it isn’t a Z-Wave device but it still works. It just makes you feel like you are trying something different and feels like it scans for longer even if it doesn’t.