Xiaomi Door Sensor Pairing Problem

(Jon) #1


Apologies if this has already been spoken about but I am having problems pairing a couple of door sensors using the catchall method. Here is what I am doing.

  • Using the ST app I do a search for new things.

  • I poke the Xiaomi window/door sensor with a pin.

  • After much poking with a pin I manage to get a catchall message from the hub.

  • Using A4Refillpads DH I create a new device with the 4 character Zigbee ID from the catchall.

  • The device then shows up as having been found in the App which I save.

  • After following those steps I still have a non responsive sensor.

My hub updated this afternoon prior to me trying. Any ideas of what I may be doing wrong?


I just spent the last 10min repairing my xiaomi sensors with basically the same procedure you mentioned but one small difference. Before repeatedly pressing the pin for the catchall I hold it down for 3-4 seconds (until the sensor light flashes) then 1 sec later I press momentarily and repeat the momentary presses every 1sec until the catchall shows up.

Also I enter the 4 character Zigbee ID for the label, zigbee id and network id. I dont think this matters but it cant hurt…

My hub is on 17.11

(Jon) #3

Pretty much what I do. Only difference is I am on 17.12. I am starting to get bored! :sleepy:

(Jon) #4

Is anybody else on 17.12 having problems?


If you have been updated to the 17.12. on a v.2 hub and are seeing issues; please post directly to this thread:


(Jon) #6

Oddly enough my hub went offline againfor about ten minutes while I was trying… it came back on and my sensors paired straight away without using the catchall method?


If you were updated to the 17.12 firmware on the V.2 ST hub, please post directly to this thread for support…The ST Engenear is listening there:


(Jon) #8

The problem resolved itself after my hub went offline this afternoon thanks.