Pairing Fibaro HomeKit Motion Detector with SmartThings?

I bought a Fibaro Motion detector with HomeKit support since I have it as well as SmartThings. I could get it to pair with HomeKit, but not SmartThings. When I checked on Amazon, I saw that there were two models. Can I get the HomeKit version to pair with SmartThings? I’m pretty sure I can’t, but wanted to ask before I return it.

Unfortunately, you are correct. The HomeKit model is not compatible with SmartThings. You need the z wave model. FGMS-001. Not FGBHMS-001.

We’ve created two lines of the FIBARO Motion Sensor - one for the FIBARO system or other compatible Z-Wave controllers, and one for Apple HomeKit.

BTW, there is an article in the community – created wiki that lists devices that work with both smartthings and HomeKit.

I got the correct model today. It didn’t pair when I tried it with the new app. With the classic app, it paired on the first try. On the first attempt, I followed the instructions to remove the paper tab blocking the battery circuit. On the second attempt, I triple clicked the “B” button, again as per instructions. Just passing this on in case other users have the same problem.

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As has already been stated the HomeKit versions of the Fibaro products only work (officially) with HomeKit. Similarly the non-HomeKit Fibaro products do not work (officially) with HomeKit at all.

What is currently possible is to set up a HomeAssistant server as a HomeKit controller and have HomeAssistant control the Fibaro HomeKit product. HomeAssistant can then also run an MQTT broker to ‘share’ the device and you can also run a MQTT client on Smartthings to talk to the HomeAssistant system.

The result is that Smartthings would then be able to utilise the HomeKit only products.

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