Fibaro is officially compatible with Apple HomeKit (new Bluetooth models only)

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What this means is that they have released new models of several of their sensors, models which use Bluetooth and do not use zwave.

Existing Fibaro sensors cannot be retrofitted because there is a required encryption chip in a HomeKit certified device, and the Z wave devices don’t have that.

These had to wait until the release of iOS 10.2, which finally enabled HK-certified Bluetooth sensors to trigger HomeKit events.

All three of the Home kit sensors from the Fibaro (leak sensor, motion sensor, and contact sensor) Will cost about $70 each.

At the present time the Bluetooth version of the sensors are not compatible with SmartThings. So you’ll have to choose one or the other: Z wave to go with SmartThings or Bluetooth to go with HomeKit.

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I played a bit around with the homekit Elgato Eve sensor. My problem with this was that it did not support push notifications. You have to refresh the app screen to see if a window is open or not. According to Elgato this is a shortcoming of Homekit, not Elgato.
I think this only is about the push notification though, switching on a light when a door is opened should work.

I used the AppleTV as a hub, so my sensor was visible outside my home network. All just works, no fiddling around, no setup required (not even possible, there are no settings). I think that’s the beauty of this system, but pricey.

I sold the Sensor since it is Bluetooth only, cannot be used with anything else and i switched to ST.

Yup, pay twice the price per device for the ‚Äúpleasure‚ÄĚ of joining the blownKit, er‚Ķ HomeKit eco system‚Ķ

That was true literally up until last week. With the release of iOS 10.2, the Bluetooth sensors can now do push notifications and trigger HomeKit scenes.

Fibaro waited until 10.2 was released to announce their devices for exactly that reason. :sunglasses: