Can control4 switches and dimmers be synced and reused with smart things?

Hi all,

I have a pretty large install base of control 4 dimmers and switches, all of which were upgraded to zigbee somewhere along the line as I recall… I’m new to smart things but I’ve seem some mention of this in a few posts…

Does anyone know for sure, and is there a document anywhere detailing how to do this ?

Thanks, please pardon the novice question, I’m sure this has been asked before.


Hi Todd. Did youfind how to do this? I also have many control 4 dimmers installed yet buy I am using ST. I would like to pair them with ST.


First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

Control4 uses its own version of Zigbee which is not the same as the version used by smartthings. These are not interchangeable. So many device manufacturers make two different versions of the same device: one model for use with Control4 and another model for use with Zigbee hubs (like smartthings) which use the standard vanilla version of Zigbee home automation. You have to buy the model which matches your hub or it won’t work. Here’s an example of a device sold in two versions, one for control4 and one for the standard version.

That said, there are some Control4 devices which can be reset To the vanilla profile. That’s why the model number matters.

That is true. Also will depend of thr manufaturer. So far i already included the C4 dimmers and switches in smarthings but ST cant have the status of them.



I just gave up and pulled out the control4.

Lots of control4 switches and a controller for sale !