P1 zwave energy monitor

(Steve) #1

Hi, i am completely new to smartthings, i just recieved my hub and hooked up my lightning etc. all works fine. Now I want to connect a zwave energy monitor (P1 connected to the power hub from my house) that I still have but i have no idea how to connect to the hub. Any tips for me?


First, research the device and find any documentation on it - like how to include/exclude the device from a zwave controller. Second, using that documentation, try including it to your ST hub using ST’s generic “Add a Thing”. Next, if it’s just discovered as a “Thing”, go to the IDE and edit the device and change “Type” to “Aeon Home Energy Meter”…

If the device isn’t sending any readings, then you’ll need to create your own custom device handler for it.

(Steve) #3

thanks John, i’m posing some links with information I found, also for others who want to try now or in the future. It doesn’t look to promising after reading the domoticz forum post…