I need an outdoor flood light with color control (Also: Cree colors aren’t right)

I bought one of these Cree Lighting Connected Max PAR38’s, which should have everything I need, but I don’t particularly like that I have to first setup and add it to a specialized Cree Lighting app before I can bring it into SmartThings and the even bigger issue is that the color control in SmartThings seems to be off. I can get it to do the colors I want in the Cree app, but not via SmartThings. I prefer to have all my controls in one place so a bulb that is controlled properly via ST is critical.

Any other outdoor flood lights available that are SmartThings compatible and do full spectrum color?

First things first: what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Second, do you have a smart things/Aeotec hub, or are you running in a “hub optional“ configuration?

The Cree connected model line are Wi-Fi, so they don’t need an ST hub, but most Wi-Fi devices at this time will require setting up in their own app.

Cree also makes a Zigbee model line: those would connect via a smartthings hub, and so don’t have their own app. But if I recall correctly, the outdoor models in that line are white only, not RGB. :thinking:

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Thanks for the response and apologies that I didn’t provide all the necessary details.

I’m in the US and I have a SmartThings hub. I’m specifically looking for outdoor flood lights with RGB. These Cree ones may be my only option. The separate app setup isn’t a deal breaker so long as I can control/automate via ST. The colors being wrong via ST is very strange.

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Different brands of RGB bulbs use different methods of color control. With the Zigbee bulbs, this could be optimized with a custom DTH (device type handler), but that’s not an option for the Wi-Fi bulbs.

I think the first thing I would do is contact Cree support because they are responsible for the smartthings integration, and ask them why the colors are different in the two apps. :thinking:

These bulbs are zigbee and can be setup directly with SmartThings.


Thanks for the help. I’ll look into those options.

I am also looking for a solid RGB color outdoor floodlight that can hold up to some rain, humidity, and range of temperatures. I thought a well-sealed PAR38 would be the best option, if available.

I had used Sengled BR30 for outdoor lamps, that contained both up and down light. The up lights ended up failing after a few weeks as they somehow got a little water in them. The other downlights are still working. I have not been too impressed with these Sengled BR30 lights for outdoor use, as they seem pretty dim and seemed to be poorly sealed.

I did connect the Sengled lights directly through SmartThings and not through a Sengled controller. The colors seem a little off with SmartThings and more challenging to control vs. my Hue lights.

I’ve tried a few different options and it seems like even lights rated for wet locations will not withstand being in an uplight situation. We have uplights setup behind some bushes to light up the front of our building. I came up with a solution that works okay. I have the lights under these clear acrylic waste cans that I found at Target. Looks okay and protects them from the rain. Still trying to find the right Smart bulb for this setup though.