Outlets randomly on/off for vacation mode?

hi - I just joined. I’m trying to figure out an easy way to get samsung outlets to turn on/off randomly to control lights while we’re away. And would like an app if possible rather than getting into any coding. I searched on this and there is supposed to be something called vacation lighting director, but I can’t find that anywhere in the current choices of SmartApps. A user said to go to add a SmartApp > Lights&Switches but in there I see only smart lights, gentle wake up, alfred workflow, mood cube and color coordinator. I looked everywhere else and can’t find it. Any suggestions? thx!

I added one called Vacation Time at Christmas, but I can’t find it now…life would be so much easier if you could search SmartApps.

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It sure would! I keep reading all this stuff on the forum and when i look at the app, cannot see how people are doing this stuff. Samsung could be doing so much better with this cool tech!


Vacation director is in the marketplace(built in smart apps).

where? i go to marketplace > smartapps, and can’t find vacation director anywhere.

if you’re going from this list: List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated], it’s totally out of date.
Currently available smart apps are way more limited.

Thanks. I have absolutely no idea how to make use of that. Is there an easy step by step somewhere about that sort of stuff?

i was really thinking this kind of thing, having been done already years ago, would be something one could do without programming…