Outlet for espresso machine

I’ve had my Izzo Duetto espresso machine on a GE Embrighten outlet (https://a.co/d/eBooWL3 ) for a year so it comes on 20min before I get up… it takes that long to get up to temp. The machine is 120v and 15/20a w 1200 and 800w boilers.

It is still coming on but now doesn’t fully come up to temp… it heats partially and maintains that heat. it seems like the outlet is somehow power constrained? If I run an extension cord to a normal outlet it fully heats.

Anyone else see this?

Is it possible that the smart plug is shutting down due to over temperature or over current?


You didn’t say which model it is, but on some models of that brand, you have the option to run it in either 15 amp mode or 20 amp mode. In 15 amp mode, it alternates between the coffee boiler and the steam boiler. In 20 amp mode, it can run both at the same time. If you attempt to draw 20 amp from the Enbrighten switch, it will probably shut itself off or limited as a safety feature, so is it possible that you accidentally changed the parameters on the espresso machine?

They also have a separate high temperature limit button inside the espresso machine for the coffee boiler and the steam boiler, but if that was the problem, then I wouldn’t think it would work with the extension cord.

So most likely, the smart switch is smart enough to not let you draw extra current and the extension cord is not. :thinking:

Anyway, I would start by checking the settings on the espresso machine to make sure you are running in 15 amp mode since that is all that that smart plug supports.

I had a similar issue with the Zooz surge protector where the new edge driver was causing the overload to trip but the same device worked well on the old custom DTH. You will need to make sure the outlet supports the wattage/amperage of the device. I had to get a new one to run the mini cooler causing this…

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Thanks. I’ve always run in 15a mode, so one boiler at a time.

I picked up a Zen15 and have been running my espresso machine off that plugged into the top outlet. The grinder was working fine off the switched outlet.

I’m away for a couple weeks but I will try the espresso machine off the switched outlet when I’m back.

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