Outdoor Zigbee energy meter

The local energy company installs these small boxes that run off the main meter and says zigbee on it. Is there any way to incorporate that device into my ST’s network? It is probably unlikely, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if anyone else has messed around with it.


Interesting. Is there a manufacturer’s name on it?

While your meter is a Zigbee certified product, it is probably referring to the fact that it uses the Zigbee Smart Energy Application Standard and not the Zigbee Home Automation Standard that works with SmartThings and other Zigbee home automation devices. So while both share the Zigbee name they don’t play well with each other. That being said I believe that there are several manufacturers installing two zigbee radios in the meters now one for the utilities use (Smart Energy) and another that can the rate payer can use (Home Automation), so your meter might have both.

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