DLMS and ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP)1.1

(Mike) #1

I tried to get my head round if this was something St could understand but failed even after reading JD`s threads

Can Uk users get any useful info out of a smart energy meters or not

Best info i could find on my Landis+Gyr E470 was

  • Open and interoperable – DLMS and ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP)1.1

I kinda understand Zigbee has many profiles and only 2 are used by St, does the above fall into that category ??

Sorry for not grasping the info properly and exensively from previous threads

(Kraeg) #2

No you can’t (for the most part).

Some UK smart energy meters do indeed use ZigBee. It it’s a different profile than what SmartThings uses. SmartThings talks to devices with the ZigBee HA profile.

Plus I should think the Smart Energy meters will be associated with their own hub (the display), so making it talk back to SmartThings would mean it would be joined to two.

That being said:

You can get an energy clamp (I personally use the MiHome one) and port it in that way


If you have a supplier with a cloud dashboard, some people have written cloud-to-Cloud intergration. One I know about is OVO

Hope this helps


(Mike) #3

Meh… i didnt think so Kraeg, i trawled the net looking for tech info on the meter and found all sorts of stuff out of my capacity to grasp, JD`s and other threads are great but i still had hope somehow i might get lucky

Vey frustrating though, a smart meter that is as usefull as a brick or cannot be integrated into St, i actually call them arguement meters, mine is not useful as we changed supplier and Tada… the new company dont use the technology. I just dug the display out of a cupboard out of curiosity to see if i could somehow integrate it, it still reports energy consumption

Anychance of a quick overview of the Mihome, does it clamp onto the mains cable in the mains box where the meter is or do you clamp it to individual tails from the board, i cant get to my tails so it wouldnt help

shame there are no zwave MCB`s, that would be alot more usefull

(Kraeg) #4

You can clamp it around anything you can get too, I have it over the mains feed into the house as I want to monitor everything. I am also going to get another to put over only my electric car charger feed as I want to see what it costs to run (when I get it).

As long as its only clamped around a “Live” cable only, your fine. So basically you cant put it around a standard household wire as that has the 3 in it (live, earth and neural).

More info: https://mihome4u.co.uk/

You will need the “HiHome Gateway” (hub) and the “House Energy Monitor” (clamp) - I got both them on sale for around £50 (combined) from Amazon.

There is a SmartApp somewhere on here which will give you the code to connect cloud-to-cloud and it works really well

(Kraeg) #5

Oh, just a further note about the MiHome stuff…

Their App is utter rubbish, the web panel is better. Dont be put off by the iOS/Android App. Heres a basic screen cap of my energy meter (i’ve very crudely removed my readings).

(Mike) #6

One last thing Kraeg, accuracy ?? how accurate are you finding it, like you i am after whole house total to match against supplier/meter, not fussed about a watt or 2 difference but closeish in the ballpark is acceptable

(Kraeg) #7

I’d say - very, my energy supplier is almost spot on.

MiHome asks what you pay per KWH for energy and does the calculations for you, BUT it doesn’t have the capability to add in any standing charges you might have (as most UK energy suppliers do)

This is something I’ve raised with them, but there hasn’t been an update in some time so I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve just added like 1/2p to my KWH charge so it roughly evens out.

I’d say it’s within £5 each month of my bill…now if they only did gas monitoring (that’s a whole different conversation)

(Mike) #8

£5 !!! i would be happy with that, we have recently had a bill for electric which i wont put here but… ouch, and we are all about LED everywhere and being careful

Phoned the supplier and they said it was a catchup of the summer as they had been under estimating and i hadnt realised the reading had not been sent for 5 months, legacy from old meter which did it automaticaly, so i really am keen on having my own data to compare against meter and company from here on in