DTE Energy Bridge (Zigbee)


I am new to ST and I have a question I used to rely on my Efergy Engage Energy monitor for comsumption usage.
but DTE energy provided me with a free energy bridge that binds directly to my smart meter outside my home.

Is it possible to bind the ST to this meter as well?
My problem is that I can only view the real-time data from the Smartphone app. I would like to have access to it outside the application.
I’m new to zigbee and I have the zigbee mac and pan id of the meter. Can it be connected to the ST hub?

Thanks for your Insight…

You won’t be able to bind the DTE energy bridge to your smartthings controller and to your utility provided smart meter at the same time. Those are two different zigbee networks and the bridge can only be owned by one. So while the bridge might be discoverable by smartthings before you bind it to your smart meter,if you do bind it to smartthings it won’t get any information from the meter.

So you can’t use this device as a zigbee device on your smartthings network.


However, the DTE energy bridge also has an internet reporting component, which is how it reports to their mobile app. It may be possible to get this information as a cloud service. For that you would need to first talk to DTE to see if they have made the information available to outside services.


Thanks for your prompt reply…

As I was saying before i’m an absolute noob with this zigbee stuff :smile: and I want to make sure i’m understanding this correctly…
Can I not bind to meter because it is already bound to the energy bridge and only supports 1 binding at a time? If yes couldn’t I just unbind the bridge and bind the ST hub? Or are there just different types of zigbee (profiles) and its just not compatible with ST?

While I would like to have the highly accurate readings directly from the meter. I do still have my efergy engage monitor hooked up and could get the readings from their undocumented api which i use in some C# .net apps i’ve written.
Could i pull this data into ST? I’ve tried searching for tutorials for beginners on this stuff.
The API url is "https://engage.efergy.com/mobile_proxy/getInstant?token=APITOKENHERE"
It returns this JSON:

age: 5,
last_reading_time: 1429546828000,
reading: 622

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There are different zigbee profiles, and the device might not be compatible with smart things, but the problem is more basic than that.

A zigbee device can only be owned by one network at a time. Your smart meter is not on the same network as your home automation system. So you can’t connect the one bridge device to both of those two networks at the same time. If you did connect the bridge directly to smartthings, it would no longer be getting any readings from the meter.

I’m not sure about the connections for your other device. Someone else may know. @yvesracine does a lot of energy monitoring.

Meanwhile, here’s The link to the documentation on smartthings.


Why do you mention a wi-fi component? I just installed the bridge and I saw no where to input a wpa password.

My bad, I think it’s just a cloud service component, may be on the far end. The point is that you might be able to get the info as a cloud service, not locally, but you’d have to check with them first.

Yea they didn’t have anything publicly available a few months ago when I reached out to them.
I doubt there is anything now.

I would love to find a way to get DTE energy usage as well. Either into my Smart things hub, or just as a feed into some other logging software I have…

Anyway, I found this, not sure if it is useful or not. http://www.dteenergy.com/residentialCustomers/myAccount/smartCurrents/pdfs/inHomeDisplay.pdf

It seems like DTE has the documentation posted for connecting other software to GE smart meters. So… I would think they have a process to allow it? At least I hope. Maybe I will dig some more if I get a chance.

In short, you can’t connect any ZigBee device to your ZigBee smart meter. You need a ZigBee Smart Energy device to do it. You can buy some ZSE displays, I know for a fact that some were available in b&m stores in California, Canada and I think Texas, but you still have to “register” your device through the utility Doing a quick google search, this device: http://amzn.com/B00AII248U should work with DTE from a technical perspective and feed real time data into your home’s wifi network but I don’t know if DTE has additional restrictions in place.

As of right now, I can only confirm that TX utilities allow any ZSE certified device and self registration.

Here is a device handler for the DTE Energy Bridge (both versions):

Can you please post a screenshot of what this looks like in the SmartThings app?

It looks like a # sitting next to a reset button, why?

Nich Job…

I think you should make it clear that this is not connecting using zigbee but rather via the local ip of the energy bridge using the undocumented instantaneousdemand endpoint on the energy bridge.

I’m glad you made this though. I started on this about 3 months ago and ran out of time.

If you have the ambition you can use the graphing portion of my Efergy device to add to your dte device

The DTH stopped returning data last week (1/12/19). The IP is correct, but no data. I wonder if this pathway was shut down?

I wasn’t using mine for a while, and now I’m trying to get it working again. Has DTE shut this interface down? Is it working for anyone?

Yep. They deleted the endpoint that is used to get data from the energy bridge. I suspect they removed it because DTE is now marketing their own home automation services using this bridge, so ST is now a competitor.

Actually DTE sent me a new bridge because the old style is no longer supported (Along with a minor monthly fee of a few dollars)

Yes, I have this too. It now supports full ZigBee HA and Z-wave. So they probably don’t want competing devices to have access to the one thing ST can’t access.

My version 1 bridge is still working fine with the device handler.