Smart Energy Meters

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I have access to my zigbee smart meter. There appears to be an array of devices I can connect to the meter. The provisioning portal requires a mac address and install code to pair as a zigbee device. What are the odds that I can connect my meter directly to SmartThings ?

After some digging I have found that the MAC they want is the ST Zigbee ID. Now for the installation code. I just put a bunch of zeros and it seemed to go through. Now to see if the zigbee device will become discoverable to the hub.

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Unfortunately smart meters use Zigbee HAN (Home Area Network) vs Zigbee HA (home automation) that smarthings uses. You will have to get a HAN specific device to connect to your smartmeter.

AFAIK, smart meters use SEP (smart energy profile) which is quite different than HA profile. Also, the meter acts as a Zigbee coordinator, I.e. it creates its own network. It cannot join an existing network (ST in this case).

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I am figuring that out. I did find a class of devices meant for interfacing with the Smart Meter. Doing research on whether to try and building something or go back to my energy clamps.

Unfortunately, Zigbee smart energy profile is all but out of reach for DIY developers because of strict encryption requirements. Each SEP device must have a unique certificate issued by Certicom which cost a lot of money. It also has to be provisioned by the power company to be able to connect to the smart meter.

In Texas we have access to provision our own devices. I already have access to the provision interface and have found compatible hardware for $99.00. For the same price I could get a HEM 2.0

Texas - Good
Access to provision our own devices. Sounds even more Good

HEM 2.0 is the a Aeon Home Energy Monitor v2 you speak of?

What IoT’s have you ended up with in your ST HAN since it appears you have a “double Good” situation there.

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I ended up with the HEM 2.0, works well with SmartThings but does not integrate with my actual power meter. I have it inside the breaker box and it seems very reliable when comparing to the Reliant website that updates periodically throughout the day.