Chromecast Audio Potential

This looks pretty exciting! This would be a fantastic alternative to the crazy expensive sonos/samsung speakers that are currently supported with the Smart Things Hub. Hopefully when it comes out, the community will be able to figure out how to integrate this in the smart things ecosystem! :smiley: $35 dollars instead of $200+? You bet!!!


The reason you pay for a Sonos system is because you can group various zones at the touch of a button and each room can play the same music with absolutely no latency, delay whatsoever.

This simple but seemingly very difficult feat is what’s separated Sonos from all the other pretenders since the platform came out well over 15+ yrs ago.


Sure, Sono’s has some fantastic things about it.

I guess my excitement comes from the possibility of audio feedback of hub notifications. Chimes, sirens, etc. For those basic wants, the cost for Sonos and Samsung is just crazy high. And also the ability to turn any speaker into a “smart” speaker without having to use terrible blue tooth. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Now it’ll REALLY make my day, when/if the Amazon Echo announces it’ll provide audio feedback from the ST hub.


Yes, but I think what was specifically being “bashed” here is the Sonos Connect which is an absurdly priced device. It’s $350 and doesn’t do anything more than the $35 Chromecast Audio does, except that it’s part of their ecosystem. Hopefully this drive its cost down.

I love having Sonos throughout my house, but the Sonos Connect has always baffled me. They basically just arbitrarily charge more because they don’t want you to use your own speakers.

And, FWIW, Google mentioned at I/O today that the Chromecast Audio will do “room synchronization”. It isn’t clear yet exactly what that means in terms of how it will compare to Sonos’s room/grouping functionality though.


Where did you hear that Chromecast Audio would be able to sync, have multiple units addressable ? I actually just got off the phone and chat with Google/ Chromecast support and they said that they honestly didn’t know if or when, but if it was possible, it wouldn’t be in this initial release.

It would be nice to have the new Chromecast Audio supported the way Sonos is. What are the chances that it is or will be?

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I just bought a bunch for the lab here so we’ll find out :smiley:


Whoa!!?!?! I am soooo excited for a feature like this!!! If you need any beta testers @Tyler I am totally here for you!!!


During the Google IO keynote today.

During the keynote, it was mentioned that the multi-room syncing feature will be rolled out by end of year. I’m expecting (hoping for) something similar to Qualcomm Allplay, allowing grouping of devices and independent volume control.

It would be nice if Chromecast or FireTV can support DLNA. Then we could just use the generic DNLA support that someone graciously wrote.



What are the chances of Chromecast Audio working?

Perhaps the functionality is similar? I can’t say at this point, but I doubt the execution is the same. The Connect has full networking functionality and both optical and coaxial outs. THD+N <0.009%, 20Hz-20kHz. Is this the same specs as the Chromecast?

… 100%? What kind of weird, passive-aggressive comment is that?

I think he meant working with SmartThings.

Oops, now I just sound like a jerk. My apologies @Debosmebo that comment was uncalled for

I just wish someone would create a device for Chromecast that could stop / pause. It seems doable. Maybe I will do it myself.


It should be possible to at least control Chromecast by creatively combining Tasker, SharpTools and AutoCast.

Based on my research, it would not be possible to interface with Chromecast without additional piece of hardware such as Android device or Chrome plugin.

It would be easy if Cromecast REST API existed.


Videostream does it from within their mobile app, though it’s possible it sends the control info back to the PC where the chrome plugin is running - I’ve never traced it. (Awesome app for Chromecast though)

Any word yet on how these can work with ST? I just picked up a few today and I am planning on implementing them into my whole house audio setup but would love to see sonos’ like notifications and capabilities using this. I am imagining a day in which someone rings my doorbell and the chromecast audio sends an audio feed to my speakers of dogs barking but that feed varies by speaker and travels from speaker to speaker almost as if the dogs are running around in the house.

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