Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)


(Robin) #82

and perhaps try this… different device but has almost identical commands:

(Ahmed) #83

I compared against your version, only difference is line 46 Your code reads:

multiAttributeTile(name:"alarm", type: "generic", width: 6, height: 4, canChangeIcon: false, canChangeBackground: true){

but mine reads:

multiAttributeTile(name:"alarm", type: "generic", width: 6, height: 4){

The siren has now become completely unresponsive, i’ve deleted the handler and everything just not coming online. I will have to do a remove and re-pair again tomorrow. I will that other handler you mentioned.

(Robin) #84

Yeah that difference in the code is something I did myself so I could use a custom image for the icon instead of the restricted ST selection… forgot about that.

But it has zero effect on the way the DTH behaves.

I’ve NEVER heard of a custom handler crashing / corrupting a device like this!! You can change a nest thermostat to a garage door handler and back again without a fault!

I’m wondering if you have a faulty device??

(Ahmed) #85

That tile looks awesome. It’s a brand new device that was boxed and sealed. I’ve got 2 new ones arriving either today or tomorrow so will try those out.

(Ahmed) #86

I will try out a few other combinations later today when i get home.

I’ve started to install WebCoRE going to finish it off later today too. Just had another thought, the other day I tried out SHM where SHM would send push notification when door sensors are opened in armed mode. The nice thing about it was that I can view history and clear false alarms etc. When I switch to using WebCoRE and pistons to auto-arm and trigger sirens etc, is there a way to log these in SHM?

(Ahmed) #87

Also, do you happen to use Alexa and Echosistant? if so, does it work ok with WebCoRE? I read somewhere that you can use Echo as a TTS speaker if you use Echosistant. If that’s the case that will be kind of cool because then when I run a disarm piston I can potentially have echo dot say welcome home, i’ve disarmed the alarm for you. Any experience with this?

(Robin) #88

You can’t update SHM log but when setting up your notification in webCoRE you can choose to ‘store in messages’ which adds a log to the ST notification history (in the hamburger menu of the St app)… SHM / notification logs only survive 10 days though. Using SMS you can keep logs in your SMS history indefinitely or you can use IFTTT to update a google sheet.

(Robin) #89

I use Alexa but haven’t used TTS… my understanding is that it’s not simple though as you can’t push TTS directly to Alexa, has to go to an old mobile sitting nearby running bigtalker which bluetooths to the Echo.

You’d do best setting up a profile on the WC forum and starting new threads for each question you have btw… that way it won’t just be me answering, won’t pollute this thread and others can search for help from same answers in the future.

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Awesome thanks

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There are quite a few WiFi Alexa enabled speakers on sale. One particular one is JAM Voice Portable Wifi with Alexa voice. Wondering if this can added to SmartThings, can find any instructions how to add a WiFi speaker to SmartThings. I assume it has to be done with BigTalker?

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You should start a new thread for that… I don’t use speakers and it’s not relevant to this thread so others won’t see your question.

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Will do thanks :slight_smile:

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So, my new sirens came and it seems the old siren is fine. Because now old siren and new ones are both working but they only work with the Aeon Siren. It seems the other Hanlder isn’t conflicting was just I wasn’t taking it close enough to pair it. However, the custom handler just doesn’t seem to operate the Siren at all. If i edit it in IDE and change over to the custom handler, I see the different options for chime, etc but whatever I press doesnt work. Only works if I put it back to Aeon. Any ideas what is wrong? I would really like these sirens to be able to Chime.

(Robin) #95

Change to the custom handler.
Open the IDE and go to live logging
Press buttons in the device handler
Do you see any error logs?

(Ahmed) #96

I don’t see any errors just these debug messages in the order correct order as soon as I pressed door chime:

Sounding Siren With Door Chime

Sending Insecure Command NotificationReport(event: 22, eventParameter: [], eventParametersLength: 0, notificationStatus: 0, notificationType: 6, reserved61: 0, sequence: false, v1AlarmLevel: 0, v1AlarmType: 0, zensorNetSourceNodeId: 0)

Sending Insecure Command BasicGet()

(Robin) #97

You need to be sensing secure commands.

Place the siren right on top of the hub when pairing to ensure a secure inclusion.

(Ahmed) #98

So I have to remove it and then re-pair it? Does this mean they are all getting paired as insecure? How is that happening

(Robin) #99

Sending an off command should look like this:

980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:20: debug Parsed 'zw device: 08, command: 9881, payload: 00 20 03 00 ' to [['name':'switch', 'value':'off', 'displayed':false, 'isStateChange':false, 'linkText':'Siren', 'descriptionText':Siren switch is off], ['name':'alarm', 'value':'off', 'isStateChange':false, 'displayed':false, 'linkText':'Siren', 'descriptionText':Siren alarm is off]]
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:20: debug Parse returned [['name':'switch', 'value':'off', 'displayed':false, 'isStateChange':false, 'linkText':'Siren', 'descriptionText':Siren switch is off], ['name':'alarm', 'value':'off', 'isStateChange':false, 'displayed':false, 'linkText':'Siren', 'descriptionText':Siren alarm is off]]
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:20: debug rx BasicReport(value: 0)
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:20: debug encapsulated: BasicReport(value: 0)
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:18: debug Sending Secure Command BasicGet()
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:18: debug Sending Secure Command BasicSet(value: 0)
980be3ff-f736-4c29-b1ce-55e29b14f404  20:43:18: debug sending off

(Robin) #100

To achieve a secure inclusion you have to be very close (within a meter but closer if possible) to the hub.

Once paired you can move it to it’s final position in the home and run a zwave repair to correct the mesh positioning.

(Robin) #101

insecure connections work but only if the handler is setup to send insecure connections, which it isn’t.

The Aeon one obviously is… In theory we could tweak the custom handler to send insecure but it should be the last option!