Outdoor Sirens for UK? (2018)

Awesome thanks. Will post on the WC forum regarding WC from now.

Did you create that failsafe rule in WC or in ST?

Thanks @anon36505037 I just discovered my ST Arrival Sensor battery was reporting battery at about 63% for the past week. But this morning for some reason it’s reporting 75%, is that normal? My fibaro door contact i’ve had installed for a good few weeks and the battery level on that still seems to be 100% is that normal?

Hi Everyone, I am currently completing a University project where I need to look at redesigning a domestic security product…
The Design Brief says:

‘A domestic security product designed as a replacement house alarm unit found in the average home across the country. Existing units are traditionally basic and functional, the replacement will utilise recent developments in technology, offer up an aesthetically pleasing alternative and be desirable on a limited budget.’

I was considering using SmartThings as a starting point and was wondering whether any of you had any suggestions as to how the product could be improved or what you would like changing?

At the minute, I’ve been looking at redesigning an external siren box, a redesigned keypad and some redevelopment of keyfob presence sensors. Any ideas/ suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sounds like an interesting project! You should start your own thread for this, to keep from flooding this existing topic, which is for devices that are currently for sale. I’m sure you’ll get a number of responses. :sunglasses:

Speaking as an engineer, I expect your biggest design challenge will be budget. For example, the Popp siren is both attractive and functional, but at about £250 is more than most people want to spend.

Thanks JD, will do… here is the link to the new thread. Would really appreciate any suggestions and who knows it might get picked up and become a feasible product :smile:

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Just FYI, I’ve had the Z-Wave Popp Outdoor Siren installed and running for over 1 year now. Works perfectly for me. I did find that it used to lose connection with the hub, so I built in a WebCore routine that triggers the siren for 1 second at 12pm each day and it has been solid ever since.

Bonus is, it’s almost like having a cuckoo clock at home that let’s me know it’s lunchtime!

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I’ve been looking into External Siren’s for use with SmartThings and came across this thread which has been useful. Based on your post I’ve been looking into the Yale SR-BX-ZW and contacted Yale UK via Twitter who pointed me at this - https://www.yalestore.co.uk/yale-external-live-siren-1.html, I’d already found this but as the model number is listed on the website I’ve asked Yale UK to confirm that this is the one and same z-wave siren.

However I was also wondering if anyone else has successfully used one of the Yale SR-BX-ZW Siren’s with SmartThings and what their experience was like getting it to work?


I am after something similar, thinking of using the Yale external siren. Any luck with it!

Went round in circles with Yale for a bit and they finally advised;

“We do not sell a siren that connects directly to the smartthings hub. You would use a Yale smart home alarm with the siren in the kit.”

So unfortunately no progress on an external siren!

I was planning to buy one from amazon to try but no luck they are not dispatching the unit.
I think I will get the d link siren and will put it inside the yale dummy :slight_smile:

Hi Robin,

I read somewhere in the forum that you were using a dlink siren inside a dummy.
Will it work, just with the optional battery backup (no mains)?
Did it work alright after connecting up with ST?


@ahmed24 - How did you get on with this, did you decide on an outdoor siren? Do you also have an indoor siren, too? If so, any recommendations?

Would something like this work as a siren (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00PVCXB3A)?

Hi @JeffRoof I’ve been looking at the Neo Coolcam siren, I’m not hugely bothered about the fact that it’s not weatherproof as i’ll mount it under a soffitt to shield it from the bulk of the weather.

Hey @madmarko - Any particular reason you would get the NEO over the D-link I sent above?

just price, the Neo Coolcam can be had for half the price of the Amazon link.

How are you getting on with it? have you purchased yet? A siren is definitely my next Smart Home purchase

Aha, I see. I haven’t, yet. But, similar to you, I want that to be my next Smart Home purchase - I was just ensuring that it’s the right one that I buy.

I’ve also come across this one, but does not seem to be available in the UK, where I am based;

Dome Home Automation DMS01 Wireless Z-Wave Battery-Powered Home Security Siren and Chime, White

Just wanted to update you 360 degrees.

I ended up buying the Neo Coolcam, and it works fine and has a very elegant device handler BUT I don’t think it is very loud.

@madmarko Aha, I see. Where did you get it from? Was that from Ali Express? After a few days of usage, is it functioning as you imagined and still recommend it?

As far asI can see Yale UK (since this is a UK thread) do not sell a Z-Wave version of their external siren and may never have. The links in this article and Google searching seem to suggest that any past Yale Z-Wave external siren was US only.

Sadly Yale UK have been and still are woefully far behind our US cousins.

In this case it is a particular shame as it seems it would have been exactly what a lot of people were looking for.

I am not sure if it has been mentioned previously in this now long thread but a I have previously seen a suggested approach which involves getting a standard (dumb) external wired siren and connecting it via a ‘smart’ relay e.g. a Fibaro relay. You would then define a rule so that if alarm is armed and sensor is triggered then turn on power to siren.