Garage open/close sensor

I have read many threads about having a sensor detect whether garage is closed or open, using a number of devices including multi sensor and tilt sensors. I do not have any automated control of the garage door openers (yet) - I just want to know when my garage door is left open.

My question pertains to which device (tilt sensor, multisensor, open close sensor, etc.) is best in terms of being able to connect to my ST hub. Is either device better from a signal strength standpoint? I am worried that the hub may be too far from the garage. The distance is not terribly far, but signals have to pass through walls/ceilings.

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Do you have any hard wired zwave or zigbee devices (switches, outlets, etc) that are closer to your garage? The hard-wired devices act as repeaters, so even if your hub is far away, as long as you have a device within range of the garage door the sensor should still work. If so, you would want to make sure that whatever garage sensor you bought matched the protocol of the hard-wired devices you have.

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Thanks. I do not have anything near there yet (except 2 WeMo switches which use WiFi).

If you’re headed down the automation path anyway, get a zwave or zigbee switch or something and put it between the hub and the garage to act as a repeater. Then be sure you get a garage sensor that’s on the same protocol. As you add more devices your network will get stronger and stronger.

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That is a great idea. Thank you again.

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