Outdoor Numeric Keypad for Garage Door

I did a search and found a couple of older posts, but nothing that seemed to point me in any particular direction.

I would like to replace the keypad that came with my garage door opener with one that is integrated with Smart Things. That way I can update the code or give out temporary codes for those that need to get in.

Right now the garage is a “weak” point in my security because the code is fixed (similar to my SSN…which as we know now that having a fixed number tied to important things is a stupid idea!)

Any ideas?


I do not believe there are any off-the-shelf solutions to add these to an existing garage door opener. The pieces are in place; including:

a. Smart Buttons such as the ZRC-90 and the Aeon Aeotech (both available on Amazon). These have native or community developed Device Handlers.

b. Smart Garage Door opener such as the NuTone or Linear (available on Amazon). These have native (SmartThings supported) device handlers).

c. A Smart App that creates a multi-button device as a pin pad (“Use Buttons As PIN Input (“Security Keypad”) e.g., Aeon Aeotec Minimote, ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button; trigger to Routines, lock/unlock, arm/disarm, mode, lights”. Fairly old, not sure if it still works.

The cost is around US150 for the components and the effort is to update the SmartApp to communicate with the Garage Door Device Handler. You may only have one PIN available; however, you would be able to change at any time and (with your phone) open/close the door at any time.

Perhaps someone has an off-the-shelf solution to your challenge.

As @Gutheinz mentioned, you will need two devices.

First you need something to control the garage door opener itself, again, as he mentioned, people usually use the Nortek garage door opener which costs around $80 and is sold under many different brand names including Nutone, Linear, Iris, and GoControl. It’s on the official “works with SmartThings” list. :sunglasses:

Next you need a keypad device. There are two that work well with SmartThings and both are popular in the community. They have somewhat different form factors and so different people will like different ones. Neither is 100% weatherproof, so you will probably want to put them in a plastic enclosure box.

The first is the Centralite keypad. It is sold under both the iris and Xfinity brand names. For some reason it gets terrible reviews at Lowe’s, I think people must not know how to set it up. But it’s a pretty good device and is quite popular in this community. It’s often on sale at Lowe’s for around $25 if you want to wait for a sale.


You will need custom code for it:

The other option is the BENext mini keypad which is sold in the US under the Zipato name. It also works with RFID tags, which some people like, especially for kids or dog walkers. The low reviews seem to be from people who didn’t understand how it worked, it has gotten very good reviews for the European version.

Again, it does need custom code:

Both allow for multiple user codes, when used with SmartThings both will allow for schedules, such as only allowing the dog walker’s code to work at a certain time of day, both have a number of other features as well.

If you have any follow-up questions on either of the keypad devices, ask them in the thread with custom code, that’s where you’ll find people who are actually using those devices with SmartThings. :sunglasses:


I can attest the Centralite keypad is awesome, I haven’t tried the newer DTH’s in that link from @JDRoberts, but I will now I know they exist. The original code from @mitchp is great though.

For garage controller, I use a relatively cheaper and older set up, that was common before the Linear, MyQ, and NuTone c devices existed. I use a zwave relay wired to the door opener, and use a momentary switch DTH. It is wired as if it were another button in your garage (like the existing one just by the door inside). I have a contact sensor on the door to know if it is open/closed, and also have a camera in the garage so I can watch the door when I control it remotely and ensure it closes/opens correctly.


The model is LFM-20, it is under several brand names it seams. The GoControl is cheaper than the Linear branded one I have, but is the same device.

@JDRoberts - quite possibly the most informative, helpful, well written response that contains exactly the type of information I was looking for. Thank you!

I should have mentioned that I already have a MyQ setup with the custom smartapp (MyQ Lite) running for the garage doors. What I was trying to do it to setup a keypad that executed a command once the proper code was entered. I.e. - if the code is 12345 then trigger the open/close command for the main garage door > else nothing.

I will look at the Iris keypad to see what I think. Not too keen on putting it behind a shield, so if there was an outdoor option it would be perfect! But the smart app and device handlers that you reference would be perfect to make this work.

Thank you!!!

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Im in the exact same boat… I have a myq but want a smart pinpad that’s wifi connected or connected directly to the myq hub and is programmable via a mobile app …