Outdoor Motion sensor good to -20f?

Is there such a critter that is compatible with ST? My Aeon is cutting it motion wise in the cold.

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Brrrrrr…does anything at all move at that temperature?


At that point, I’d recommend moving further south.

In all seriousness, have you tried changing the batteries more frequently?

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yes i’ve tried new batteries. I have to say it “smokes” through batteries at cold temps. It seems to throw a lot of erroneous motion activities (constantly seeing motion) when it’s any colder than 20 above. If temps go above that, it seems to be fine.

The battery part makes sense, especially with exposure to cold temperatures. That was my only troubleshooting tip, which appears to be useless.

I don’t have a recommendation on cold-weather durability of other sensors. I am going to watch this, however, because I do want to put a temp sensor in my deep freeze.