Outdoor Floodlight

Why hasn’t anyone made a connected one? I have searched high and low but can’t find anything.

How cold does it get where you live?

The GE LINK floodlight is rated indoor/outdoor.


thanks for the link (no pun intended). I live in SoCal so not cold at all.

Unfortunately it seems that the output is a little on the weak side - 900 lumens. I quickly checked out some incandescent and halogen bulbs on Amazon and they ranged from 1300 - 1800 lumens.

Is it correct to say that this would work with my ST hub since it’s Zwave? Do you know if these would have repeaters in them? It doesn’t say for sure.

Maybe I will try it out…

They aren’t zwave, they’re zigbee.

They will only act as repeaters to other Zigbee devices, not zwave.

I use a single GE Link bulb to light my 35’x80’ back yard. Trust me, 900 lumens is plenty to illuminate a back yard at night.

If you’re worried about brightness, I urge you to try a single bulb and then add a second bulb if needed.

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Just so i understand right - are u guys saying that these ge link bulb (particularly the flood light) is NOT compatible with ST?

It works fine with ST. You can use it either through the Philips bridge or directly to ST without a bridge. I’ve had GE links set up both ways, no problems.

The SmartThings hub has both a zwave and a zigbee antenna. The issues discussed above had to do with which devices can repeat for each other.

Do be aware that as a cheaper bulb, the GE Link does seem to be more prone to temporary drop offs than the other brands. Usually just turning the power off and on once fixes it. Some people have speculated it’s an overheating issue, others that the Link antenna just has less power, some that it’s a networking issue because these are ZHA not ZLL bulbs.

I haven’t had the drop off problem, but I usually only simple open fixtures, the mesh is strong, and maybe I was just lucky.

But it is something to be aware of. Sometimes there’s an engineering reason why one brand costs half as much as another.