Osram smart+ lightstrip offline everytime i turn them off

Hello All,

i have 2 lightstrips from osram (Osram smart+ lightstrip) they work perfectly with my philips hue bridge and are perfectly controlable with Amazon alexa, with google home and via philips hue app (ios), they are also detectable by Home Assistant

when i added my philips hue bridge to my smartthings hub V3 , every light was detected, included these 2 lightstrips, and everything worked well during some minutes.

Now all my lights work fine except these 2 strips which are mentioned as offline by the smartthings app each time that i turn them off via the app.

i have to add my philips hue system each time to make smartthings hub detect these 2 lights, they re-work again and when i turn them off they appear as offline …

is there any solution ?