Osram Smart+ Bulbs - Can They Strobe?

I want to be able to strobe my Osram Smart+ bulbs when intruder motion is detected. I want the strobe to activate in the same room as the intrusion. Strobe lights are a good way to confuse and scare possible intruders.

Has anyone had any experience of setting something like that on their Smartthings with Osram Smart+ (not Lightify) bulbs?

I’ll post this over in the WebCoRE community too.



They support a ‘blink’ function, but not a traditional ‘strobe’. The blink on mine seems to cycle on/off about every .5-.7 seconds. Don’t know if that would confuse anyone as much as make them laugh at the lights comically turning on and off.

If you install the community created .DTH WebCoRE can access the .blink() function…

Ah my old clubbing days

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I’m going to make an assumption that companies won’t allow the automatic strobing of lights for legal purposes and seizures.

I have LIFX bulbs out front and there is a function under Effects to Strobe, but in order for me to use this functionality I have to physically hold the Strobe affect Button. As soon as I release,the effect is done. All other Effects in LIFX remain on with a single press of the button.

With 6 bulbs, and running this Strobe affect it is definitely dizzying and blinding.

giphy (15)

LIFX also has a Pulse feature as an option directly in WebCoRE as well. I have linked my bulbs to the LIFX service in WebCoRE but I haven’t gotten it to work yet, so I’m not sure how much of an in between flashing of lights in Red from Strobe to manually dimming from 100% to 10% and back to 100% every 1 second in WebCoRE that it performs at.

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