I am looking for adding blinking lights alert to the Smart Home Monitor

I am looking for help with adding “blinking lights” alert to the Smart Home Monitor, so, one of the lights in the house would start going “on” and “off” if any intrusion is detected.
My existing hardware is: Lutron Bridge with dimmable Lutron wifi switches. l also have some WEMO smart plugs.

I am willing to add any required hardware if needed.

I would appreciate your suggestions!

I do this with WebCoRE

It depends what your primary goal is.

If you want a light which will be very attention-getting and clearly an emergency light, often easiest thing is just to get one of the strobe sirens. For example, the fortrezz zwave device can be set to Siren only, strobe light only, or both. This will be very clearly be perceived by everyone, including an intruder, as an emergency alert.

Second-best to this is a blinking colored light, typically set to red or yellow. You can do this with webcore as @Joe_Battaglia suggested, Or through IFTTT to trigger scenes for some types of bulbs.

You can just link your regular house lighting, but there are three problems with that. Many switch brands, I believe including the Lutron Caseta, will only accept one command per minute, which is a very slow blink. And second, it is typical for people in the house to not perceive a blinking regular light as an emergency signal, but rather just that there is something wrong with the light. And third, of course, if the light is blinking it will not serve its purpose of lighting the area, although that may not be an issue depending on how many other lights you have in the room.

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Thank you. Just ordered Fortrezz Siren Strobe Alarm

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