Strobe lights?

I was thinking. I get in trouble when I think too much. I have an alarm that goes off when any door or window sensors open at night when I am home. I would like to make the alarm go off and the rest of the lights in the house strobe or at least go on and off if the same sensors are open when I am away. Does anyone know of a smartapp or webcore piston that will accomplish this?

Webcore community may be worth a visit

It’s been my experience that getting an actual strobe like effect is difficult. It’s more of an on, off,on,off,on, of flash. The commands have to be sent for each cycle and there is latency.

That’s my experience on my “garage door” left open automation. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to optimize it. Let me know if you work it out.

I have a webCoRE piston that strobes my lifx lightbulbs. You can do it if you have LIFX lightbulbs. The piston in question is used around Halloween time. If you have lifx bulbs and want more information, let me know.

eric182, I’d like to try it - looking for theft deterrence outside, and notification to occupants in the house.

Have you had any LIFX bulbs hardware fail? 2 of 4 went bad - one just lights white and the other was dead-dead-dead - in about 12-18 months service.

No hardware failures. Been using them for almost three years now. I have 15 or so.

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that looks brief enough for me to manage!

My first webcore took me 2 months to figure out, between limited time, subscription-confusion and early-onset dementia. Time for the second - thanks.

I tried to do a strobe effect with my lights. ST seems to issue the commands correctly but some of my devices wouldn’t respond. Even putting in built in waits to my WebCore piston didn’t help matters. I found that I could only blink them using “Toggle…wait…Toggle”. That seemed to always work.