How to strobe LIFX bulbs when Skybell is pressed? (Notification for person who is deaf)

Am trying to find how to set up the automation that when SkyBellHD button is pressed, the LIFX bulbs will flash (on and off) for approx 10 seconds or so so it will alert the Deaf person about the doorbell ring. BLINK method does not work well for Deaf because it is hard to be noticed. Strobe light style is fine. Need to set for approx 10 seconds rather to be on once the button is pressed. Must be off after 10 seconds.

You may have to use IFTTT to link skybell HD and Smartthings


Then since the strobe option is not available through the LIFX IFTTT service, you can use webcore to achieve it.

If you haven’t used webcore before, see the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

(Edit note: your topic title originally said “blink” and blink is available through the LIFX IFTTT channel, so you wouldn’t need smartthings for that . I have changed the topic title to “strobe” to match what you were actually looking for. )

I did use IFTTT, but when triggered, it came a few minutes or more - too late to be alerted. I contacted both SkyBell and IFTTT support services and both blame to each other. No solution yet.

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You can strobe LIFX bulb with webCoRE. I do it for Halloween.

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