Osram RGBW Flex strips and Amazon Echo on off/color change setup

Hello all:

I’m fairly new to the Smart Things IDE world and could use some help with my under cabinet lighting setup.

I currently have a Smart Things Hub, Amazon Echo, and 3 Osram Lightify LED strips I have installed as under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. The light names are Fridge lights, stove lights, and sink lights in my Smart Things devices.

I am wanting to use the Echo to turn on and off all three at the same time by saying “Alexa, turn cabinet lights ON/OFF” and also switch to different colors on all 3 simultaneously by saying “Alexa, change cabinet lights to RED”, etc… while they are on. I already have the 3 lights strips grouped in the Echo app as “Cabinet Lights”

I have created a simulated switch named “Cabinet lights” but I am now unsure how to add the 3 cabinet lights to this switch and where to do it. I am also unsure of how to change them to the same color once on. I have tried using the Color Coordinator Smart app that changes the colors of all 3 fine but when I say "alexa turn off cabinet lights, it only turns off the master from which the other 2 change colors from. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

I asked a similar question on Reddit a while back. I am about to try what they recommended tonight.

I use this Zibgee Color Grouper SmartApp for this situation (I have the color can inserts).

In this situation you make a virtual device that is the master and the physical devices are the slaves. Any time the virtual devices changes color or state the slaves follow suit.