Connected Bulbs with color temperature around 3,000k?

Does anyone know of any connected bulbs (other than color changing ones like the hue) that are not 2700k or 5000k? I hate how yellow the 2700k bulbs are and 5000k is far too blue. I usually use bulbs around 3000k-3500k, which is a great warmish but still pure white.

Wemo bulbs

The Osram Lightify white bulb is color temperature tunable from 2700 to 6500, so you can set it to whatever you like. :sunglasses: Works well with SmartThings. It does cost more than other white-only smart bulbs, but it’s worth it to some people. It’s on the official compatibility list. You do not need the lightify gateway – – the bulb will connect directly to the smartthings hub.

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I was thinking about getting one of these to try, however seems like a lot of people have problems with them. I was hoping they are more reliable then hue. But it looks like it’s about the same.

This is the reason I got OSRAM for a few places in my house. I prefer daylight (5000-6500K), but sometimes it’s good to use some 3500K.

I have 4 of these and I’ve never had an issue. If it wasn’t for the $30 price tag, I would have gotten more.

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Thanks for clearing that up I was only going by what I read. Would you say these bulbs are as reliable as a Zwave device connected to ST? I want something like hue but more reliable would you say this fits the bill

I have some of the GE link soft white I think that are in the mid range… neither too blue or yellow. But I use the OSRAM tunable white lights in my living room. Had em for a couple months and love them. I set them to be very white in the early morning to wake my butt up, mid-white most of the day, then yellow at night because my wife prefers it. I’ve never had a problem with them at all.

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As long as ST is up and running, these have never failed me. Only thing to notice is if you have other Zigbee devices in your house, distance where you are placing them from the hub and WiFi around you. If you already have a nice Zigbee mesh, then go ahead.

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Hue bridge with bulbs on their own are extremely reliable. The problem has been the SmartThings/Hue bridge integration, which seems to break every few months.

The Osram Lightify bulb connects directly to the SmartThings hub, so there’s no special integration required, it’s just a Zigbee device with a device handler. So potentially the integration could be less fragile than that of Hue. But that’s because of ST, not Osram vs Philips.

Here’s the discussion thread for Osram, people there should be able to discuss reliability with ST. :sunglasses:

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Looks like you can find them for as cheap as $24:

If you have a menards close, right now you can pick a bulb/hub up for $20 after mail in rebate ( You will want 1 hub to update firmware on the bulb)

The regular bulb by itself is $14 after rebate

edit, If you have a home depot close as well you can have them price match +10% off

Wait, so I do need to get a hub? Does updating the firmware matter? If it works right off the bat with SmartThings, I don’t really care about the firmware being updated.

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look to the osram thread JD linked above. Some have had mixed results (especially with the rgbw bulbs) until they update the firmware, then add it to ST. YMMV though.

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