Osram lightify requires hub or no?

Hard to find a quick answer sometimes! Does the osram lightify line of bulbs require a hub to work w ST? Any advantage using a hub?

By comparison I gather philips needs a hub and lifx does not?

No, you don’t need a hub for Phillips either. Both can be direct connect to ST. For Osram, the only advantage is probably firmware update but since ST is doing some OTA update. I don’t see much advantage.
As for Phillips, it’s a little more tricky to remove the bulbs once it’s direct paired to ST. The advantages for using the Phillips hub.

  1. You can use the hue apps which I find is way better for colors control.
  2. Still functional when ST down.
  3. Local processing and don’t need ST for Alexa/google Home.
  4. Still be able to add the bulbs to ST with the hub.
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No you do not need the Osram bridge , they are fully supported by ST, including updating light firmware.
Hue you do need a Hue bridge if you want them to actually work properly and get the needed FW updates work even if internet is out.
Lifx are WiFi not Zigbee like Osram or Zigbee Light like Hue, so they work on your home Wi-Fi router and do not have their own hub.