Osram Lightify Dimming Switch - any thoughts?

On paper, this switch is all I wanted. Sits over existing toggle or rocker, press or hold actions … blah blah blah …

I’ve been wrestling a but keeping it connected. Once its working, all functions seem good (there is a delay). When its not working, its like you got to press it a bunch of times to wake it/connect it back. Sort of annoying.

Ive seen a few custom DH’s, but they all appear to be abandoned now. And I dont know if that helps at all with the connectivity regardless. They do appear to be pretty smart programmed, but maybe a little too overkill for me.

I put a simple Piston together, it does the trick for now. If any one is using this switch and has pointers, please ping me.

Ive noticed that every so ofthen BUTTON 1 gets registered as BUTTON 2 … That also is annoying … Maybe that is user error somehow …

in the graph, it shows the next hop – never saw (or understood that) before. Looks like I was connected to a edge device. removed the battery, it connected to the hub (which was much closer). Latency got a bit better, but still not perfect

Just putting this out here, as your mileage may vary. I’ve put a small proof-of-concept dimmable version of this that works with Webcore. It works, I;ve seen some weird behaviour where I think Webcore gets out of sync with the dim requests, and the lights brightness goes in the other directions. Ill try to work through this, but any feedback would be appreciated

Webcore-Dimmable Osram Switch

Dimming issue possibly resolved with some event clean up

Better handling of the dimming/timing issue as it relates to multiple requests with webcore. Its not perfect but better.

To rectify, I added DOUBLE TAPPING. If lights are on, pressing ON again will set to max. Lights off, pressing off will set to 20%

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