Osiris Smart Water Monitor www.myazapps.com

Osiris Uses a cloud server to interface to Android and IOS smart phones. We are trying to add Smart things interface for our users.
we are new to Smart Things and need help getting the interface written.
Do you offer partnership / consulting services.
The interface will be Cloud - TO - Cloud.

Thank you,

SmartThings stopped accepting submissions for community-developed code in early 2017, that hasn’t changed since the last thread you created on this topic, unfortunately.

However since the beginning of 2017 they have announced major new integrations like Lutron caseta and the combined SmartThings/ADT alarm panel.

You should look into contacting someone at ST directly. It seems unlikely that this community forum will result in much communication from ST staff regarding a product integration. But good luck.

Edit: I may have misunderstood what you’re looking for. It’s possible a community developer can write an integration for you, but that would be unofficial and users would have to install the code manually.