Osiris Smart Water Monitor 3rd party APIs now released

Osiris is the world’s smallest & least expensive Smart Water Monitor. Osiris protects your home from water leaks & freezing pipes, helps you conserve water, and saves you money. Works with free Android & iOS Apps, available from the Google & Apple stores. Check out screenshots of the Apps, for a sample of what they can do:



We have released cloud-to-cloud APIs to allow integration with any 3rd party hub. They work with the Osiris cloud server (novamail.biz). Novamail has built to provide Telematics for a trucking company. It’s been in continuous operation since 2009. We have never charged users for access.

The APIs can be downloaded from : https://www.myazapps.com/news/osiris-cloud-apis

The APIs will work with Samsung SmartThings hubs, as well as Amazon Alexa, Google Smart Home, Raspberry Pi or any other HTTPS-connected hub. The APIs offer a high level interface path that can be easily integrated into a SmartThings App. They are hardware-independent and therefore will also be revision independent.

We have added placeholders for Trident Smart Water Valve which we are releasing in the next 90 days. The APIs provide all the functionality needed to monitor and operate both Osiris now, and Trident when it is released.

The APIs give you nearly as much control of Osiris & Trident as the Phone Apps do. Manage alarms, graph your water history, set goals, track progress, turn your water on/off, change device settings, and more.

Osiris will be available at the AZ APPS store in the next few days, at:

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Anyone order one of these? Would love to have it integrated into ST, but I don’t have the knowledge to use API’s, etc. These units are $92 on their website…

I have one and got it working. Will look.into writing an. App
But not sure how usefully to display the data. Cannot do a usage by calendar in.the Smartthings all. Maybe just total usage. For now I am trying to figure how to calibration their units to.gallons.

It’s a monitor and leak detector, ot a meter. You can install Osiris
on any pipe in the house.

Thre is no conversion from minutes to gallons becaus people can put

it anywhere.



Not really my use case. I already have leak detectors and a shutoff valve… my case is to figure usage. In add tion. I have drip zones in trees that run a long time

I have used it for about a year, works really well as a leak detection monitor.
I am on a well and it quickly detects leaky toilets etc might upgrade to add a trident wifi on/off on water supply.

Do you have it integrated with ST? I never got it because it seemed like it would need customer programing to work and a programmer I am not.

Hello !
Is there anyone who can help me handle requests to the API and I want to know all the procedures to send the requests.

Thank you.

I’m trying to create a request using Postman and can’t manage to overcome an Unauthorized (bad login) message.
Sent an email to Andre from MyAzApps to see if he can help.
Will keep you updated if any development

Solved! Has APIs misconfigured