Orvibo Paddle switch with Smarthings (US Model T10W1)

Does anyone know, if this zigbee paddle switch is supported by Smartthings?


When I tried to pair it with the ST hub, the zigbee switch did show up as “thing” on the controller app, but is not recognized as a switch.

Try going into the IDE and just changing the device type handler to the generic “zigbee switch.” Since it’s just an on/off switch, it might work with that one.

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Cool! … that worked! thanks!

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Orvibo® ZigBee Smart In-Wall ON/OFF Switch (120VAC/10A)
Model#: Cab-T10W1ZW-1UO

adding my two cents to this for future google searches

Bought two of these. At $40 each, these are the cheapest zigbee toggle switches we Canadians have access to. I was able to pair and control successfully. It paired as THING and I changed the device type handler to “zigbee switch”. I hope it can reliably repeat zigbee messages and not screw up my zigbee mesh.

As a fellow canuck I also purchased a bunch of these Orvibo switches from PrimeCables.

I’ve installed 3 of them so far, all in single switch situations (i.e. no 3-way switches), and for the most part everything seems to be working most of the time with these switches, but all 3 have a habit of turning themselves off, seemingly completely randomly.

Looking at the smartthings API events list for each, every time they turn themselves off its just listed as the source being “DEVICE” the same as if I had physically pushed the switch.

Anyone else having similar issues with these switches? Any thoughts on possible fixes?

That’s exactly what it means.

I know thats what it means, but I’m saying it turns off without physically pushing the switch, but it reports as if the switch has been pushed.

Sorry I misunderstood you.

Never happend to me. Might be wrongly reported where command comes from. Check your apps.

i’ve noticed that it’s quite rare and random, but yes, i can confirm that mine does that too

i just wave around like an idiot and they turn back on shortly (smart lighting app, motion sensor)

I emailed Orivbo tech support and basically all they said was buy a Orvibo hub… great support there

Mines have started randomly turning off as well.

Sometimes, they turn off as soon as I turn them on. There is simply no way to keep them on even if I try again and again.

Sometimes, they stay on 30-60 minutes before going off by themselves.

I seem to have a similar problem, i changed the device type handler to zigbee switch, it changed the name and all but when i try to turn on/off via app, it still says “Cant connect to device, check device and try again”.

On a side note. When i first installed it, and i tried searching for device, it couldn’t find it. All of a sudden it appears on my dash as “thing”…I just wish it worked…

Did you add/change anything when you installed the switch?, does the blue led indicator light turn off when the switch or light is turned on?. My hub was able to add it as “thing” i changed the IDE to zigbee switch and it still wont control or connect to it?

Update: yes, the blue light turning on when the switch is off and vise versa is normal.

Just thought i would update this thread…so after admitting defeat, i went out and got a burger and beer to drown my sorrows. I came back a few hours later, noticed that on my phone the drop down menu (Samsung phone) showed two switches…and guess what!?, they work fine!!!

Moral of the story: Be patient folks!.

Hope this helped anyone else in a panic.

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Do you still have the issue with it randomly turning off?

I didn’t really have an issue, i wonder if its proximity based?. My front porch lights are approx. 3m from hub while my back porch is closer to 6m Back porch has turned off randomly once, never had a problem with front porch.

Thanks. I ended up missing the sale and bought certified bulbs instead

I still have the random turning off, anyone have a solution? I have four switch.

I succeed to stop my switch to randomly turning off.

First i check to be sure they were no overlapping between my 2.4GHZ wifi channel and the Smarttings Zigbee channel. https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203845040-ZigBee-and-WiFi-Coexistence

Second i make a new device handler : https://github.com/bodyscape/SmartThings/tree/master/devicetypes/bodyscape/orvibo-zigbee-switch.src.

Since they appear to working fine.


gonna try this out!! thanks!!