Zigbee repeater from LivingWise

Hi, I like to know if this ZigBee Smart Outlet and this Smart In-Wall ON/OFF Switch can be use as a ZigBee repeater? Is there device handle available for those devices? Any UL certification or any certification? Thanks

That’s a rebranded orvibo device. You will need to use the Orvibo device type handlers.

However, at least one community member reported problems with them

I’ve got a couple of “LivingWise Smart Outlets” hoping the will integrate with smartthing smoothly, but it seems I DO need a specific device handler. I just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the device handler for the Smart Outlet.


I got this sort out without any Custom Device Handler!

Hereafter is how I added:

  1. Add the device as a normal one
  • Put ST into scanning mode, press the button on the device (this may take a couple of attempts) until you succeed adding the device.
  1. The device will be recognized as a “Thing” type (mentioning something like “please wait”)… whatever, go to the next step
  2. Go to the ‘graph’ interface
  • look for the device you just added
  • Click “Edit”
  • Change the type to “Zigbee Switch”
  • Click “Update”
  1. DONE

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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