Has anyone used LivingWise Zigbee dimmer/switch/outlet? (Rebranded Orvibo)

User manual here:

Seems to be reputable. Inexpensive line of zigbee switches/dimmers/outlets.

I don’t know what “seems to be reputable“ means in this context. What dealers have you found offering them?

According to various reviews, that’s a Canadian company’s re-brand of the Orvibo line. To get them to work with smartthings, you need to use the custom code developed for the Orvibo devices.

Community Satisfaction with Orvibo zigbee Devices over The years has been pretty high. You can search the forum for those to read more.

(The only one that I know of)

Yeah, they are a big dealer in Canada, but they don’t usually ship to the US so I don’t know if there are too many forum members using them specifically. And reviews for the livingwise app are terrible.

But the Orvibo devices seem to be solid, and people who do get them under the livingwise label seem to be using the Orvibo DTH, so that part seems fine.

People in the US and the UK who do get the Orvibo devices seem to typically get them from Gearbest.

Anyway, search the forum for Orvibo and you should find a number of people using them. :sunglasses:

Did anyone find a working device handler for the dimmer switch? The default can’t increase the lights brightness.

I’ve got a couple of “LivingWise Smart Outlets” hoping the will integrate with smartthing smoothly, but it seems I DO need a specific device handler. I just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the device handler for the Smart Outlet.


I got this sort out without any Custom Device Handler!

Hereafter is how I added:

  1. Add the device as a normal one
    • Put ST into scanning mode, press the button on the device (this may take a couple of attempts) until you succeed adding the device.
  2. The device will be recognized as a “Thing” type (mentioning something like “please wait”)… whatever, go to the next step
  3. Go to the ‘graph’ interface
    • look for the device you just added
    • Click “Edit”
    • Change the type to “Zigbee Switch”
    • Click “Update”
  4. DONE

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Diego… was that a receptacle or a switch that you integrated into smartthings.

Has anyone added the receptacle & if so, are you pleased with its performance

I added the “Smart Outlet” which I belive you called receptacle :slight_smile:

I haven’t had any issue since I added, so far so good for me.

Thank you very much for the speedy reply… Yes , we are talking about the same thing."receptacle or smart outlet:"
To get the outlet to pair do you just push that small button on the face of the outlet while scanning for new devices.
Also after it is paired to your network can you manually activate or turn on the the switched output by pushing that same button