Organizing Sensors in SmartThings

Am I the only one that decided name all my devices based on
Noun ‘Location’ ‘Location details’ etc?
All Door sensors start with the word Door
All Lights start with the word Light
All people sensors start with the word Person

Everyone will have their own way for naming convention. What works for one person may be completely strange to others. So be happy - do it your way. :slight_smile:

I had mine organized one way when I first started, tHen changed tO another and when voice control came along… I reorganized again. Now I am happy!


What @jkp said.

Mine is all based on natural language speech. I LITERALLY point at a device and ask my wife what she calls that item. Oh well, that’s the living room lamp, over there - that’s the kitchen windows, that’s the hall lamp. The first thing that pops out of he rmouth is how I refer to it in the system as that’s teh first thing she’s going to think of when she’s trying to tell Alexa to do something with it. I also name everything the same in St, Alexa, GH, etc, so all names MUST be unique. Fortunately, the method above generally results in unique naming that looks like -ROOM NAME–DEVICE-


There are lots of different ways to do it, and different ones will work for different households. See the following thread. Even though it’s old, much of it still applies. :sunglasses:

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I think we all have our own way of doing things. My system is based on what makes Mrs Google (our name for the default UK English voice on Google Home devices) do the least number of utterly bizarre things. I find that despite everything being in named rooms in Google Home, Mrs Google much prefers every device name to also start with the room name e.g. Living Room. She also seems happier when they end in the device type e.g. Light.

It is easy to forgive Mrs Google when she says ‘Wotcha’ and ‘Cheers mate’, and she was quite inspired when she said ‘nice try’ on a Nest Home when I whispered something into my phone to try and prevent her hearing me. Her most irritating trait is that she is much happier when you say ‘turn on/off the device’ and not ‘turn the device on/off’, and yet her response will be ‘… turned the device on/off’.

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I guess Those reasons all make sense. :+1::+1:

I am aware that I can rename devices in the Alexa app.

Wife doesn’t like voice control devices always listening (they may overhear grandmas secret recipe??) so only my phone app has voice control and I rarely use it.

So “Light Back Patio” in ST can be called “Back Porch Light” in Alexa

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Pet name we use for our Echo devices when we are talking about it is Voldermort

However if it decides to either ignore us or pipe up for no apparent reason it becomes something very different

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